Add the finishing touch to your home with these special decorative items

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  1. Hyacinth Wreaths Quick View

    Hyacinth Wreaths

    Choose Blue, Pink or White
  2. Hyacinth Delft Blue Planter Quick View

    Hyacinth Delft Blue Planter

    Despatch from 13/12/2017. Planter & Bulbs
  3. Jasmine Plant Quick View

    Jasmine Plant

    Despatch from 13/12/2017. 1 Potted Plant
  4. Notepads Save 33% Quick View


    Delivery within 7 days Set of Three
  5. Kersey Bird Table Quick View

    Kersey Bird Table

    Delivery within 7 days Bird Table
  6. Kingsbury Fountain Quick View

    Kingsbury Fountain

    Delivery within 7 days Fountain
  7. Ladybird Tower Quick View

    Ladybird Tower

    Delivery within 7 days Ladybird Tower
  8. Laptray Quick View


  9. Lavender & Bergamot Quick View

    Lavender & Bergamot

    Candle / Diffuser
  10. LED Santa and Snowman Quick View

    LED Santa and Snowman

    Santa & Snowman - Available Individually or Buy Both
  11. Loves Cat Mug Quick View

    Loves Cat Mug

    Delivery within 7 days Mug
  12. Loves Dog Mug Quick View

    Loves Dog Mug

    Delivery within 7 days Mug
  13. Magnetic Storage System Quick View

    Magnetic Storage System

    Delivery within 7 days Storage System
  14. Memorial Frame Collar Quick View

    Memorial Frame Collar

    Frame Collar - Cat or Dog
  15. Christmas Sign Quick View

    Christmas Sign

    Delivery within 7 days Sign
Showing 190 product(s)
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