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RSPCA Pet Food

Please be advised that we withdrew our RSPCA Super Premium range of cat and dog food on 31st December 2019, in favour of developing a new, higher welfare pet food range. We will continue to offer our current RSPCA Grain-Free Higher Welfare dog food, which contains 50% RSPCA Assured salmon and trout, and we are currently exploring a similar product for cats.

We would recommend that anyone looking for an alternative pet food should make sure they look at the nutritional value and source of the ingredients, and also ensure it is appropriate for the age, lifestyle and health of their pet. You can always ask your vet for further advice. When transitioning your pet over to a new food, this should be done bit by bit over a period of days by gradually increasing the mix of new food with old food, in order to avoid an upset stomach.

We would like to thank all our customers for their support and we look forward to introducing our new range in the future. Please keep checking back here for updates on our new range. If you have any queries, please contact our Supporter Care department.