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RSPCA Pet Cooling Mat

RSPCA Pet Cooling Mat

Ref: WP-81912

A pressure activated gel mat that starts to cool as soon as your pet lies on it.

Durable and wipe clean.
Suitable for cats and dogs.
A great way to cool your pets down in warm weather.

Available in two sizes.

81913 Large 800 x 950mm £27.99
81912 Small 400 x 500mm £9.99

Price: 9.99

Customer Reviews

  Highly recommended   Was skeptical that the mat would work or that my dog would use it but as soon as she had sat on it once it has become her favourite bed. It keeps my long haired collie cool and she sleeps on it every night. She no longer spends the night panting and I don't need to have the fan on in the middle of w  (19/01/2021) Jane - Cornwall