Every five minutes, we recieve a report of an animal being abused*

As the days grow longer, animal cruelty has fewer places to hide. And in summer, the number of cases reaches a terrible peak. 

No animal deserves heartbreaking abuse. Animals are like us: they feel desperation, confusion and terror. They feel every punch, every broken bone and every burn. 

That’s why, together, we must stand against cruelty and continue to be there for the animals who desperately need our help now. To rescue them from harm and give them the lives they deserve – free from terror and torment and full of care and kindness.

* Based on incidents of cruelty reported to the RSPCA, between June and August 2023

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  • Zara

    This confident cat is nothing like the broken kitten I saved from her attacker. Zara is a bittersweet example of how brave and resilient animals can be. We urgently need your help to transform the lives of more animals like her who are facing heartbreaking cruelty.

    Read Zara's Story 
  • Loki

    If his vet hadn’t called us, gentle Loki could still be suffering at the hands of his abuser. Thanks to those who stood up for him, this friendly puppy got a second chance at life. But too many other animals are still facing unspeakable cruelty alone. 

    Read Loki's Story 
  • Dolly

    It’s impossible to comprehend how anyone could harm any animal. Dolly’s gentle nature stood out to me from the moment we met. Since adopting her, it’s been my mission to show her the love she deserves. But so many animals like her still need our urgent help.

    Read Dolly's Story 

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To find out more about the appeal and to hear the heartwarming stories of animals like Loki, Zara and Dolly, please follow the link below

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