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Hedgehog House

Hedgehog House

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Hedgehogs are one of Britain's most recognisable and well-loved wild animals. The European hedgehog is one of around 16 different species found throughout the world. They are also the species that are most often admitted to our specialist wildlife rehabilitation centres.

Hedgehogs are a gardener's friend, as they eat beetles, caterpillars, worms and other invertebrates. Did you know as many as 10 different hedgehogs may visit a garden over several nights? This could mean 'your hedgehog' is actually a number of different ones visiting at different times.

Nests are essential for hedgehogs to hibernate in over the winter months. There is often nowhere for them to build their nests in our gardens so hedgehog houses are ideal places for them to call home.

This nest has an extendable entrance to prevent dogs or badgers from reaching inside. Place on dry ground in a quiet sheltered spot in the garden. Put some dry leaves in the house, cover with leaves and other natural materials. Leave the opening clear and facing south or south west.

Made with wood from certified sustainable sources with a waterproof felt roof.

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