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Peter James: Stop Them Dead, a Roy Grace Novel, Book

Peter James: Stop Them Dead, a Roy Grace Novel, Book

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We are excited to share that author Peter James, the Patron of Sussex North and Brighton Branch and esteemed crime writer, has just released a new Roy Grace novel. His new crime story, Stop Them Dead, has a plotline that revolves around the illegal puppy trade. We are very proud that he references our work regularly throughout the book and also provides advice on how people can avoid being duped by puppy dealers.

Peter spent time researching his novel by speaking with some of our Special Operations Unit (SOU) team. Kirsty Withnall, SOU Case Officer - South, spoke to Peter at length around her work and this helped give him an insight into some of the illegal puppy trade cases which she and her colleagues have worked on. As a result, he has named a character in the book after her!

When a young farmer confronts intruders in the middle of the night he has no idea that just minutes later he will be left dying in a pool of blood. What’s more chilling is what the perpetrators were willing to kill for.

At the scene of the crime, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace soon realises this is no isolated robbery gone wrong but the tip of the iceberg of a nationwide crime wave, in which ruthless organised gangs are making more money from the illegal trade in dogs than drugs. A trade which pits him against some ruthless people who will kill anyone who gets in their way, because where there is greed, there is murder.

The clock is ticking, and the stakes have never been higher. Out of his element, and out of time, can Roy Grace put a stop to these criminal masterminds before more innocent lives are lost?

Pages 512, Hardback

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