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RSPCA Muffin Baking Cups, Pack of 6

RSPCA Muffin Baking Cups, Pack of 6

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The special greaseproof lining on these navy blue and white polka dot RSPCA baking cups means they can be used in a number of different ways. When used for baking, they are so sturdy you don’t need any specialist muffin tins. Just pop the cups directly on a tray, straight into the oven and they retain their shape throughout the baking process. The lining also ensures that any grease doesn’t seep through, meaning your cupcakes stay looking perfect before, during and after baking. 

Not just for baking. These high quality baking cups are perfect for parties too. The special lining also means the cups are really useful for setting jellies – just pour in the jelly and set in the refrigerator as normal. They are great for all types of desserts and treats such as ice-cream, mousse, fruit, dips, chocolate, confectionary, and snacks. 

6 Packs containing 12 cups each.

Product Code: MC0202

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