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RSPCA Wee-Away Cat, 500ml

RSPCA Wee-Away Cat, 500ml

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Specially formulated for homes with cats. 3-in-1 cleaner, stain remover & odour remover. Wee-awayª uses selective strains of naturally occurring microbes, friendly bacteria, to rapidly neutralise and eliminate bad odours to prevent remarking.

This is our stronger cat specific spray for use on tougher to remove cat urine. Our regular spray for use with all other animal urine is also available.

Pet safe - no need to exclude your pet from the treated area. No bleach or ammonia formulation. Suitable for use on all surfaces. Includes advice from the RSPCA on dealing with inappropriate spraying and urination.

Produced in the UK.

500ml bottle.

For more advice on caring for your cat

Product Code: PT0604.

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