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RSPCA Ultra Absorbent Non-Clumping Cat Litter, 30 litres

RSPCA Ultra Absorbent Non-Clumping Cat Litter, 30 litres

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RSPCA non-clumping, ultra absorbent, dust-free, 100% wood pellet cat litter provides fantastic absorbency with completely natural pine fresh odour control, and can be composted (once the poop is removed).

Made from wood sourced from FSC-certified UK pine forests.

Cost-effective 30l bags (15kg). Save money when you buy two bags.

Feedback from some of our satisfied customers:

“Longest lasting cat litter I've found! Really good value for money”.

“Extremely pleased with this cat litter! It is very absorbent and economical to use!”

“Easy to clean. The wet turns to fine sawdust so you just use your cat litter scoop and shake until it falls through”.

“Better than others I have tried. If cleared of solid waste daily, usually lasts a week before needs changing”.

“Good quality”

“Less dust than other wood pellet litters we have tried. Soaks up urine well, turning into sawdust; very little smell”.

“Being older I find it hard to carry litter from supermarkets; having it delivered, super”.

“My cats prefer this litter to any other, it smells nice, and it seems far more sanitary than alternative types (especially those gross crystals)”.

“Good stuff, it doesn't leave residue from their paws on the floor”.

Product Codes: PT0601 - one bag; PT0617 - two bags.

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