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Unisex Snare Paracord Bracelet Olive Green

Unisex Snare Paracord Bracelet Olive Green

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Unisex Snare Paracord Bracelet Olive Green

Hand made from stainless steel metal clasp & jump rings, hammered snare wire and coiled snare wire, on paracord. Each piece comes in a unique locally tailored chitenji gift pouch.

Suitable for both men & women.

Down a well-worn elephant path in the heart of the African bush, sits a workshop where local Zambians create Beauty from Brutality, transforming brutal poacher’s snare wire into hand-crafted jewellery.

Mulberry Mongoose is an incredible group of creative and courageous craftspeople based in the Zambian bush that we are honoured to be working with this year.

Each piece of jewellery is created from snare wire that has been collected from the African bush by rangers before it has a chance to harm any of the South Luangwa's magnificent wild animals, creating beauty from brutality.

The jewellery is inspired by life in the Zambian bush. So it is only fitting that with every piece of jewellery sold, Mulberry Mongoose makes a donation to antipoaching patrols to help remove the snare wire traps that kill and injure many of the area’s iconic wildlife. So far over $146,000 dollars has been raised to support the antipoaching roles.

Small: Length clasp to end 21.5cm

Large: Length clasp to end 23cm

Product Code: Large AC0301 Small AC0302


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