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Spinny Spiral Felted Cat Toy

Spinny Spiral Felted Cat Toy

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The Spinny Spiral is the purrfect toy to dangle tantalisingly above your cat, or pull along the floor for your cat to chase and bunny-kick. Handmade from natural solid felt wool and resilient against your cat's playful claws.

Mimis Daughters, pride themselves on providing top-tier pet accessories. The products are entirely eco-friendly and handmade from ethically sourced materials, a stone's throw away from Mount Everest. Mimi's products are handcrafted in Kathmandu by a community of artisan women who live for art and craft, empowered by the freedom to create. Layer upon layer, these passionate artisans craft and felt beautiful, long-lasting pieces, using traditional felting methods passed on through generations. By collaborating with the talented woman of Nepal to create gorgeous products, we hope to help them preserve their craft, community and culture.

Product Code: PT0118 (green) and PT0125 (pink).

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